Local Area Information

There is so much to do on Colonsay from exploring the many beautiful white sandy beaches, to meandering through Colonsay House Gardens; from dancing at the Saturday night ceilidhs to visiting during the Book Festival, the Music festival or the Festival of Spring.

Colonsay has one shop, the hotel and its bar / pub, two cafes (the Pantry in the harbour and the Gardens Cafe at Colonsay House), one post office, the Heritage Centre, a church (Church of Scotland) and two (!) doctors. You can purchase island oysters, mussels, lobsters, crabs and honey directly and get fish from the fishing boats if you catch them in the Harbour.

The island is a haven for lovers of Flora and Fauna and a glimpse of choughs, corncrakes and otters is not too rare an occurance. Golden Eagles are regular visitors and sometimes stay to breed on Colonsay. At low tide, Colonsay is joined by a sandy strip to the isle of Oransay which is managed by the RSPB and is, with Colonsay, a rare treat for birdwatchers and those loving important ecclesiastical ruins (the folk on Colonsay believe the Priory dates to Columba and the 6th century; the historians prefer the 14th!).

Colonsay House Gardens and its delicious cafe fare are a must-visit; opening times vary but lunch and teas are always available and are a must!

"The Colonsay" (the hotel) is very popular and the food delicious so booking is recommended and the Pantry is a treat. Watch out for "Quiz Nights" at the hotel and "International Specials" at the Pantry!

Children are welcome everywhere and love the freedom which the island affords them.

Click here for Youtube of Young Boy singing at the Saturday night ceilidh You Tube link to Colonsay Ceilidh

Lots of information coming soon - in the meantime please visit colonsay.org.uk - island community website for all other island information.