Getting Here

The main point of access for the Isle of Colonsay is the city of Oban, Argyll on the west coast of Scotland.

  • By Car: Oban is a 2½- to 3-hour journey from Glasgow by road
  • By Train: Oban is a 3-hour train journey (amazing scenery!) from Glasgow Queen Street Station.
  • By Coach: Glasgow via Inveraray to Oban

From Oban you can either take a car / passenger ferry or fly to the island.

You can also get to the island on the earlier ferry from Kennacraig (via the Isle of Islay) on the summer ferry schedule - many people use this ferry for a daytrip to Colonsay from Islay.

  • FLIGHT:  from Connel Airport, near Oban, (journey time 20 minutes) (Hebridean Air).

Once you have arrived on Colonsay, finding the Old Mill is very easy.

  • The road on Colonsay is a roughly circular ring-road, with two ‘spur’ roads off this circle, one going North to Colonsay House and Kiloran Bay, and the other going South toward Oransay.
  • The Harbour on Colonsay is in the hamlet called Scalasaig and is at “3 o’clock” on the ring-road.
  • The Old Mill is at (approximately) “11 o’clock” on the ring-road.

 Directions from the Harbour on Colonsay (printable version click here)

  • After driving off the ferry at Scalasaig, at the Caledonian MacBraynes harbour office building take the road to the RIGHT, to go past the War Memorial (N.B. don’t take the road going straight ahead and up the small hill to the Hotel).
  • You are now going anti-clockwise on the ring-road.
  • You immediately go past the Shop & Post Office (to your left). The road then climbs and climbs up to the top of “Spion Kop” on a steep road (after a few dips). After cresting the hill, continue past the small loch (with a dam) on your left, drive through the two hairpin bends, pass in between the two low-lying lochs, drive over a cattlegrid and over a small hill ‘bump’.
  • Next you come to a 90-degree turning, at which point you should continue on the ring-road (by turning left).
  • Shortly after this 90-degree turning to the left you come to a fork in the road. Take the LEFT fork (the right fork is the “spur” road going North to Colonsay House and Kiloran Bay*) and then continue on the ring-road as it goes to the foot of a wood (on your right) and then steeply up a little rise.
  • At the top of the little rise (with the end of the wood now on your right), you are now only 300 yards from the Old Mill. Its driveway is the next / only opening on the LEFT, over a cattlegrid and through an open gate. The driveway is 75 yards long.

                    * if you take this right fork by mistake, you quickly get to the main gates for Colonsay House and its gardens                                                   – turning around is easy but you should do so if you get to them. You are going the wrong way!